LOW CALORIE PIZZA GRILLED CHEESE | HIGH PROTEIN Bodybuilding Meal Plan Recipe for Muscle Gain

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LowCalorie Pizza Recipe highprotein Bodybuilding MealPlan MuscleGain

This is a simple and low calorie pizza grilled cheese recipe that takes only minutes to prepare. It’s savory, high in protein and ideal for any meal plan with a goal of muscle gain. Make this one your lunch time staple for your bodybuilding diet! The only thing quicker than watching me put it together, will be you getting from start to finish with this new pizza recipe! Follow along and let’s make this one together. Here. We. Go.

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2 slices bread
3 protein squares
28g pepperoni
56g sauce
28 fat free shredded mozzarella
3-5g light butter

My Favorite Pizza Recipe LINK –

Remington James Pizza Recipe:

Greg Doucette Protein PIzza Recipe:

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Greg Doucette:

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