TRAINING, CARDIO & NUTRITION MYTHS | Jeff Nippard | Fouad Abiad’s Real Bodybuilding Podcast Ep.121

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Jeff Nippard joins the Real Bodybuilding Podcast for episode 121 to talk to Fouad Abiad about bodybuilding, powerlifting, training, nutrition and much more!

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:20 John Meadows
3:30 Who is Jeff Nippard? Is He Natural?
7:20 Most you’ve ever deadlifted and deadlift bars
9:35 What is your best lift?
13:50 Is arching cheating?
17:50 Jeff’s Youtube
18:30 Bending the rules
23:28 What came first? Bodybuilding or Powerlifting?
25:49 Why stay natural?
31:07 Mental health natural vs enhanced
33:10 Eating a ton of food is unhealthy
36:53 Being open about gear usage online
40:40 Consistency vs Hard Work
44:18 Training to failure and RPE
59:05 Jay Cutler vs Dorain Yates
1:03:40 How long to try a new program?
1:08:05 Pro/Bro knowledge vs science
1:12:40 Steroids & Genetics
1:15:50 Top 5 Cardio Rules
1:21:28 More Cardio & More Food
1:23:50 When/how to do cardio?
1:30:00 Anabolic window
1:35:54 Meal frequency
1:45:39 Macros vs Meal Plan
1:58:28 Slow vs fast release carbs
2:03:51 Peak week food
2:06:30 Outro

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