Bodybuilding Chest Workout | Heavy Chest Day with Iain Valliere

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IFBB Pro and elite bodybuilding coach, Iain Valliere, takes us through one of the heavy chest workouts that he uses to build his massive chest.

Iain’s Chest Workout:

Incline Bench Press 3 x 6 (warm up), 2 x 7-8 (max),
Incline Cable Fly 3 x 12-15 (rest-pause on final set to failure)
Decline Hammer Press 3 x 6 (warm up), 1 x 7-12 (max), 1 x 7-12 (strip a plate)
Dumbbell Fly 3 x 8-12
Incline Machine Press 3 x 8-10
Chest Dip 3 x 8-12 (failure)

Music in the Video:

Spiral – Thorr
Heist – Thorr

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