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Wow this week was a whirlwind, I went to my second ever bodybuilding show and it was fun and exciting to see everything in real life vs a live stream or Instagram. I meal prepped and made some new things based on food inspirations like a peanut butter cereal bar and fruit dip with cool whip. I shared my thoughts on the reverse diet so far and how I’m handling hunger. And of course the best part of every week, my check in with coach Lexie and her response with my physique update and changes for the next week. Finally got to compete in my first race of the season, just a small local weekly race but it was so fun!! Watch to see how I did!!


Instagram @jornizzle (I’m not a fitness person haha but if you like mountain biking and a lot of weekend adventuring come follow!)

If you need a coach, Coach Lexie is the best. Check her out here
Coach: Lexie Maitland
Her YouTube channel is awesome:…
Support her: PEScience: LEXIEMAIT
Angel Competition Bikinis: LEXIEM
The Shoe Fairy: LEXIEMAIT
PAMcakes Pancakes: LEXIEMAIT

I’m documenting my journey prepping for the stage including all the phases to get there for the very first time! Like my first phase was a “pre prep” fat loss phase to reveal what muscle foundation I had and now we’re working calories back up so I can start another fat loss phase which will hopefully be PREP! Whoo hoo! Just because my calories are going up doesn’t mean it’s been easy, it is actually feeling harder than a normal fat loss phase!

I also have an autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis, but I am still very active! Working on keeping it that way! I prefer to not sound like I’m complaining all the time so I don’t talk about it a lot.

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